“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” ~ Confucius

This is one of a pair of gifts I’ve made. Between the two, I have probably 40 hours of work in them. The concept is to create something that is beautiful, but only if the audience chooses to engage and search for meaning.

From the top or side, all you see is a jumble of colors and this wise message…

And you wonder… “Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? It’s obviously not referring to that cover plate which looks like it was splatter painted by a 3 year old.” (hehe) So you crouch down and most likely see something like this..

“Hmm – those almost look like something”. You crawl around to look from a different angle.

Voila! A piece of 8 bit art worthy of … well very little really … has appeared.

You wonder if there might be something else so you continue to crawl around, bump your head on the table, decide that turning the little block of wood might be easier, and discover this:

Despite my self-effacing comments, I’m actually quite proud of these. I cut, primed, and painted 32 pine dowels and drilled 64 holes. Correction – I drilled 64 holes, then widened 32 of them when it turned out a primed dowel couldn’t fit in them. Each dowel required at least 2-3 coats of the acrylic to get a solid-looking color. I’d say the result was worth it though.

A tip for making the text on the face is to map it out on grid paper, then use pin holes to mark out the extremes of the letters as below:

I also started to dremel out the letters before realizing it was not improving them and it would contribute very little to the overall product.

This one was for a friend. I have a second design I made for my mother with a different cover plate which I will append here when I find the pictures.


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