Buzz Bee Cyclonic – Internals

The Buzz Bee Cyclonic is a full-auto dart blaster compatible with Nerf darts and magazines. The name comes from the large spinning minigun-esque barrels on the front. Those only hinder performance and were the first things I ripped off XD . The stock motors run off the same 4 AA batteries as a Nerf Stryfe or similar. Either there’s a hotter wind or significantly lighter flywheels as rev time is much more playable. Cycle control is lacking for mechanical reasons (as we’ll see) and performance with darts with compressible heads (most Nerf compatible darts) is ehh. This is because Buzz Bee designed their cage’s crush distance for Buzz Bee Gray/Green suction darts which have a nearly incompressible plastic head behind the suction cup.

Here are the photos I took up to the point where I started making modifications (other than immediately removing the spinning barrels). The modifications I will document in another post. Below, I will critique the mechanisms and design choices as I understand them.

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“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” ~ Confucius

This is one of a pair of gifts I’ve made. Between the two, I have probably 40 hours of work in them. The concept is to create something that is beautiful, but only if the audience chooses to engage and search for meaning.

From the top or side, all you see is a jumble of colors and this wise message…

And you wonder… “Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? It’s obviously not referring to that cover plate which looks like it was splatter painted by a 3 year old.” (hehe) So you crouch down and most likely see something like this..

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