ENGL393 Assignment – Grant Proposal


For this assignment I wrote a grant proposal posing as a member of Pure Water for The World requesting funds from Pentair to support clean water access projects in Haiti and Honduras.

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This was the single most labor-intensive assignment of the entire course, especially since my writing process involves writing a full text and then going back rewriting it. It’s only by producing the complete copy the first time that I figure out how it should be laid out. I guess it could be said that I design reactively.

I think this is also the longest writing assignment I’ve ever been assigned. Fortunately, Professor Justice kindly provided us with a structure and the kind of topics that should be included in each section. This eased the task tremendously, for the activity that often consumes the most time is figuring out which information to use and where to put.

Research targeting causal forces in specific Caribbean and Latin American countries in surprisingly hard to come by. Despite there being lots of projects addressing water quality, I had trouble finding analysis of the cause of the of the water quality issues. That kind of research is invaluable is justifying a specific approach to water quality improvement (and therefore securing funding for “my” organization over someone else’s.

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A direct link to the document as a pdf is available here.

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