VEX Toss Up Robot Ideas

As this is the first year my school has participated in the Vex Robotics Competition (VRC), I had to do a little bit of research. I organized the information as follows:

A competition robot can be divided into 3 major assemblies:

  • the drivetrain
  • the lift
  • the intake

The drivetrain is the assembly responsible for moving the robot across the field. The lift is the assembly the somehow raises the vertical position of the intake enough to score or hang. The intake is responsible for grabbing or scooping up the balls and and holding onto them long enough to score them.


As far I’ve seen there are three main ways that teams make their drivetrains. These are 4-wheels drives, 6-wheel drives, and holonomic drives in various forms.

In order, the basic layouts look like these:

VEX_DtrainExamples_4wheel VEX_DtrainExamples_6wheel   VEX_DtrainExamples_HoloOmni

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